Application and booking

If you want to book the b&b, you can fill in the bookingsform. The return mail will inform you as soon as possible about your booking. Please payment in advance by bank. You recieve the payment details in your confirmation-mail.


When the booking is cancelled within 48 hours before arrival 100% of the total costs are indebted, unless an act of God. In case of disease or death "Je van Het" reserves the right to change the booking (iun accordance with the guest) to another date or to return the payment.


"Je van Het" is not responsible for the damage to or theft of goods or means of transport of our guests. Guests will recompensate damage to the building or inventories of "Je van Het”.

Johan and Hetty Knobbe

Beekenstein 82

3328 ZD Dordrecht

phone: +31(0)78 6146567 / +31(0)6 30199594